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About Us


About The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong

Founded in 1936, the Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA) is one of the longest serving local charitable concerns dedicated to the welfare of children and youth.


Our mission to achieve a balanced and happy environment for the nurturing and growth of our young – physically, intellectually and emotionally – has never wavered in our focus of “BGCA All The Way”.

In response to rapid changes of our social milieu in recent years, BGCA has established new services in the context of early childhood intervention offered to children at pre-school age, those with special educational needs and their families requiring enhanced parenting support.


BGCA currently delivers services in Hong Kong through 76 service units and reaches over 270,000 people each year, including over 70,000 members, thus pursuing likewise our coverage of “BGCA All The Way”.

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Our Service




Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, this 3-year project targets to serve children aged 3-12 who had traumatic experiences that are likely to result in prolonged periods of negative impacts. It adopts a broader definition and perspective, as well as innovative and multi-treatment models (Art, Music, Drama & Play Therapy) to deliver treatment services for the children and their families. The project also aims at moving beyond direct service level by conducting relevant survey study, introducing assessment tool on trauma treatment and publishing practice guidebook. For further details, please visit




Our Voices 

眾新聞 【16/01/2020】



細路強」電台採訪  【18/08/2019】


細路強 (節目重溫)

*請搜索 18-08-2019 的節目。


Part 1 – 「創傷跨代轉移」如何影響管教方式?

Part 2 – 遊戲治療砌屋仔 先知親子無溝通


「同途有心人」 電台採訪  【26/05/2019】


*請搜索 26-5-2019 的節目,題目為「保護我們的下一代」,本計劃的採訪會在第二節播出。


同途有心人 (節目錄音)


am730 【15/05/2019】

兒童照顧者心理創傷禍延下一代 專家:及早求助


晴報 【15/05/2019】

家長兒時曾受創 或影響育兒方式


頭條新聞 【15/05/2019】

心理創傷隔代遺傳 家長子女同受影響


明報 【15/05/2019】

家長創傷多 子女心理困難愈大


明報 【15/05/2019】

家長童年心理創傷左右管教模式 影響超越子女本身受創


香港01 【14/05/2019】

心理創傷可跨代「相傳」 調查:父母傷痛愈多 子女心理困難愈大


香港01 【14/05/2019】

女兒屢偷竊不改  揭常遭單親母打鬧  打人者亦是害者


晴報 【05/03/2019】

大學生童年遭性侵 藉創傷治療走出陰霾


經濟日報 【09/01/2019】

大學生童年遭性侵 藉創傷治療走出陰霾



音樂治療建立自信心 提牛抗逆力 無懼風浪(下篇)



英國註冊音樂治療師 教家長應對兒童心理創傷(上篇)


駿步人生 【20/04/2018】



晴報 【28/03/2018】

治療創傷心靈 重塑快樂童年


經濟日報 【08/03/2018】

兒童心理創傷治療 重塑快樂童年


明報 【01/02/2018】



 大公報 【19/02/2018】



頭條日報 【16/01/2018】

治心理創傷 伴兒童走過高山低谷


東方日報 【14/01/2018】

關注小心靈創傷 :小一生校長捱罵 聞鍾聲即驚


明報 【08/01/2018】

感官介入治療法 助兒童走出心理創傷